Just a mom blogging on my journey of learning.

Today I was thinking of all the things I want to do as a mom and a wife.

The new house plans we are coming up with when we build if our current bid on a house falls through. Everyday something new pops up, daycare calls because one kid is upset. Someone else is calling to tell me they think one of the kids is sick while I’m at work. Luckily my work schedule is flexible and those things can be easily handled. I am so blessed to have healthy kids that sometimes I forget that when a head cold pops up or allergies flare.

Some days I just need to slow down and play, listen, and love. Ignore emails, tweets, blogs, and books I’d like to read or finish reading. I should play more. Play cars, bubbles, Transformers, and tickle wars. Listen to them, listen to their stories, their jokes, their laughter. One day they may not be able to spend as much time with me and I know I’ll miss these days. I’m not sure how I could love them more, but maybe I could show it more. I should make the constant decision to show them love and patience.

God gave me the biggest blessings when he gave me my boys.

I could not be happier.


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